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Iris & Todd meet with CEO, Advisor and Life-Science Angel Investor

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Today, Todd and I had the privilege to meet with Dr. Christian Apfel, President and CEO of SageMedic Corp, a company that is developing a genome-free test to predict the most effective treatment for cancer patients. Dr. Apfel is also an investor with Life Science Angels and Chair of the Life Science Committee of the Keiretsu Forum. We learned a lot from our discussions with Dr. Apfel and gained some valuable input and feedback on iDentical. Interestingly, he is working to personalize cancer therapy, while we’re working to personalize dental implants. Iris especially appreciated the message on the back of Dr. Apfel’s business card: “Life is too short to live without purpose.” Amen. Todd and I look forward to continuing to develop our friendship with Dr. Apfel.



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