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iDENTICAL™: The Personalized, Drill-Free Dental Implant



Meet the Co-Founders

Iris Wedeking, MBA, is a visionary leader and entrepreneur.  She founded and scaled a national organization (Kesem), which has 116 chapters in 42 states across the US and has served thousands of children affected by a parent's cancer over the past 18 years.  Through Kesem, an MBA from UC Berkeley, and eight years of building major brands at The Clorox Company, she has developed deep expertise in business strategy, management, sales and marketing.

Todd Wedeking, MA, DDS, FICOI, is a trained dentist, but is an inventor and entrepreneur at heart.  He first dreamed up the idea of iDENTICAL™ in 2008, when he started utilizing 3D technology in his private dental practice and realized its potential to address the drawbacks of traditional dental implants.  Todd has 16 years of experience as a dental implant surgeon and has deep expertise in applying 3D technology to implant dentistry.  He has been an instructor of implant dentistry for a major dental implant company and is the author of “The Little Red Book of Implant Dentistry.”   

Together, Iris and Todd are driven to leverage their skills and experience to fulfill their vision for iDENTICAL -- to end toothlessness worldwide.