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Iris & Todd Meet with Alireza Masrour at Plug and Play

Thanks to a generous introduction by a friend of a friend, we were able to land a meeting with Alireza Masrour, General Partner at Plug and Play, in Sunnyvale today. Alireza instantly understood our technology, the value proposition and the market opportunity. He even shared his own challenging personal dental experience, which made iDentical personally relevant for him as well.

Alireza's primary advice for us was to seek a national strategic partner in a non-competing medical or dental space. This could give iDentical instant access to infrastructure, manufacturing/processing/packaging space, financial resources and elevated credibility from being associated with a strong national brand. His thought was a partnership like this could dramatically increase the speed with which we could penetrate the dental market.

Todd and I agree with this concept and left the meeting brainstorming potential national strategic partners. We already have some exciting ideas we plan to explore further in the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned...



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