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iDENTICAL™ Personalized, Drill-Free Dental Implants

Our patented technology enables us to create a personalized dental implant modeled from the patient's own tooth. iDENTICAL™ implants can easily be placed by any dentist, making tooth replacement more accessible for millions worldwide.

Here's how it works...


Dentist extracts failing tooth, scans the extracted tooth and sends the scan electronically to iDENTICAL™.


iDENTICAL™ utilizes the scan of the extracted tooth and proprietary design features to design and manufacture a personalized dental implant.


iDENTICAL™ delivers the personalized dental implant to the dentist, who then places the implant in the patient’s mouth where the original tooth root once was.  It's fast and safe -- no drilling required!

Benefits of iDENTICAL™ Dental Implants



No dental drill required

An iDENTICAL™ implant is modeled after your original tooth, so it fits perfectly in your socket site, without any drilling required.



Implant is placed within several days after extraction

Most traditional dental implants require 3-4 months of healing time after the tooth is extracted before the implant can be placed.  An iDENTICAL™ implant doesn't require any healing time before placement, because the implant shape matches the shape of the socket site.  We only need a few days to design, manufacture and ship the iDENTICAL™ implant.



Any dentist can place iDENTICAL implants

Traditional dental implants require the providing dentist to have specialized skills and extensive training (beyond dental school), because they involve a complex surgical procedure (drilling into the jawbone). iDENTICAL™ implants can be placed by any dentist, which significantly increases access to patients.

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