iDENTICAL™: The Personalized, Drill-Free Dental Implant

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iDENTICAL™ Personalized Dental Implants

Here's how it works...

Dentist extracts failing tooth and ships it to iDENTICAL™.

iDENTICAL™ creates a 3D model of the tooth, applies proprietary design features to it, and manufactures the personalized dental implant.

iDENTICAL™ delivers the personalized dental implant to the dentist, who then places the implant in the patient’s mouth where the original tooth root once was.  It's fast and safe -- no drilling required!

Benefits of iDENTICAL™ Personalized Dental Implants


No dental drill required

An iDENTICAL™ implant is modeled after your original tooth, so it fits perfectly in your socket site, without any drilling required.


Implant is placed 7-10 days after extraction

A traditional dental implant requires 3-4 months of healing time after the tooth is extracted before the implant can be placed.  An iDENTICAL™ implant doesn't require any healing time before placement, because the implant shape matches the shape of the socket site.  We only need 7-10 days to design, manufacture and ship the iDENTICAL™ implant.


Any family dentist can place iDENTICAL implants

Traditional dental implants require extensive specialty doctor training (beyond dental school) and thus, they are often priced at a premium.  iDENTICAL™ implants can be placed by any family dentist.  Greater availability among family dentists means greater affordability for patients.