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iDentical Presents to the Fogarty Institute

Todd and I had the privilege to present iDentical to the internal leadership team at the Fogarty Institute in Mountain View today. The presentation flowed more like an engaging dialogue with colleagues than a formal presentation to a review committee. It felt like a natural fit for iDentical. One of the things that differentiates the Fogarty Institute from the other business incubators with which we've met is that there's no prescribed time-frame for the program. They understand that human biology doesn't necessarily work on 12-week time-clock, so they allow teams to stay there as long as it takes to get from Seed stage to Series A funding.

Prior to our meeting today, I had spoken with two founders of current companies-in-residence at the Fogarty Institute and was encouraged by their positive experiences and the value each of them has gained from being part of the program. Our patent attorney has also worked with the Fogarty Institute and had great things to say about the program and the high caliber leadership team there. Everything I had heard was aligned with what we experienced today.

Following our presentation, we had the chance to visit the "FogShop" where the companies-in-residence have their work spaces and lab space. There, we met with the two founders I had spoken to previously and heard a bit more about the benefits they've experienced from being at the Fogarty Institute.

After meeting everyone today, Todd and I are even more excited about the possibility of joining the Fogarty Institute as a company-in-residence.



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