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Sunita Ho, PhD at UCSF, Joins iDentical Advisory Team

Todd and I had a fantastic meeting with Dr. Sunita Ho at UCSF today. This was our second meeting with her. She was kind enough to meet us for lunch last Saturday (1/5), since she lives nearby our Walnut Creek office.

At our first meeting on January 5th, the three of us quickly realized the synergies between Dr. Ho's research and iDentical's technology. Dr. Ho instantly understood the value of iDentical's technology from all angles (scientific, clinical and social), and we were all aligned regarding the vast opportunities, and huge need, for advancements in implant dentistry.

At the end of our meeting on January 5th, Dr. Ho invited us to visit her lab at UCSF, which is where we met her today. She gave us the grand tour of her lab facilities and then we had a chance to discuss in more detail our long-term vision for iDentical as well as our immediate needs regarding research to test and validate elements of our prototype. Dr. Ho expressed interest in collaborating with us, and we discussed the tactical next steps to allow Todd access to the lab facilities. Finally, we invited Dr. Ho to officially join our team as a Scientific Advisor, and she graciously accepted. We're delighted and honored to have Dr. Ho on our team and look forward to collaborating with her to make great strides with iDentical moving forward.



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