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Iris & Todd Attend Entrepreneurs Reception at JPM Healthcare Conference

As members of the Rosenman Institute Founders Pledge group, Todd and I were invited to attend a special entrepreneurs reception at the 2019 JPMorgan Healthcare Conference tonight. The reception included UCSF Alumni, the Rosenman Institute, QB3 and the Entrepreneurship Center. At the reception, we enjoyed meeting other fellow founders, including two women who shared some great tips and resources with me specifically focused on female entrepreneurs. Thanks, Nicole and Tara! Todd and I also had the chance to connect with a few VCs who fund medtech startups.

Both Todd and I left the reception feeling inspired by the collective intelligence, motivation and drive we witnessed among all the entrepreneurs there. It gives us hope to know there are so many smart people working diligently to solve some of our world's greatest health-related challenges. The future feels bright tonight...



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