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Iris Meets with COO of the Fogarty Institute

I had a productive introductory phone meeting with Greg Bakan, COO of the Fogarty Institute, today. I had learned of the Fogarty Institute after speaking with several life science and medical device entrepreneurs, including two who are currently companies-in-residence at The Fogarty Institute. Both shared the tremendous value they've gained from being part of the program, including critical guidance and mentorship provided by seasoned advisors, numerous networking connections facilitated by the staff and the community of peers gained through sharing space with other fellow life science entrepreneurs.

I shared an overview of what iDentical is doing with Greg, and he immediately understood the concept and the value proposition of personalized, drill-free dental implants. He was especially excited by our vision to democratize dental implants. He shared that this purpose-driven approach aligns well with the Fogarty Institute's purpose to help entrepreneurs leverage medical technology to impact patients' lives.

I plan to submit our application to become a company-in-residence at the Fogarty Institute next week. Todd and I are excited about the possibility of joining this amazing program.



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